The government’s big announcement, in this city of the country, battery-powered vehicles do not have to pay road tax

Government of Delhi Electric Great relief has been given under the policy for trains. The Department of Transportation has issued a notification waiving road tax on all battery-powered electric vehicles. From October 10, 2020, there will be no road tax on the purchase of an electric vehicle. The registration fee waiver process has also been started. People’s advice has also been sought for that. It will be waived once the notification is received in three days. Kailash Gehlot, the Delhi government’s transport minister, tweeted that the government was in Delhi. Electric vehicles Is constantly working to create a better infrastructural facility.

Road tax and registration charge

The Delhi government is doing a lot of work to make the country’s capital pollution free and promote electric vehicles. Under the Electric Vehicles Policy 2019, the target is to have 25 per cent electric vehicles in the total number of vehicles registered in Delhi by 2024. The government has decided to subsidize the purchase of two-, three-, four-wheeled electric vehicles as well as waive road tax and registration charges.

Will be encouraged on a large scale

The government plans to have a charging facility for electric vehicles every three kilometers. The private sector will also be encouraged on a large scale. At least 20 per cent parking will be provided by replacing the building boils.


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