The good news: the validity of mobile recharge will be 30 days instead of 28 days, the government will take a big decision

Mobile users may get happy news soon. Mobile users’ recharge validity may increase. The Telecommunications Corporation of India (TRAI) has taken steps in this direction. Now you may be wondering what validity. So the answer is the validity of your mobile pack, which is not 30 but 28 days. The government is now preparing to make the change 30m. Almost all telecom companies in the country offer 28 days validity of prepaid mobile recharge.

TRAI on Thursday released a discussion paper on the validity period of tariffs in plans introduced by the companies for consumers. This step has been taken keeping in view the complaints and concerns of various customers. TRAI said customers have received complaints from telecom service providers about 28-day offers instead of one month in terms of tariff rates.

The regulator has asked the concerned parties, consumers and industry whether it should intervene on the issue of validity period or maintain restraint under the existing system. “Based on customer feedback, it is felt that a large number of customers are not satisfied with some of the fees / vouchers offered by telecom companies and their validity period,” TRAI said in a statement. ‘

The regulator has issued a discussion paper regarding the validity period of the fee offer and asked for suggestions on it by June 11. It involves both the consumer and the industry side. Changes may be made at the suggestion of the customer and the industry.

Why the validity of the tariff pack is 28 days

The billing cycle for postpaid customers is 30 days. But prepaid customers only get valid for 24 days, 28 days, 56 days and 84 days. TRAI has now sought suggestions from all appointees to extend the validity of the mobile recharge plan from 28 days to 30 days.

28 day math of telecom companies

The reason why telecom companies consider 28 days as months is that a year is 13 months. Think like this – 28 × 13 = 364. Now a year is 365 or 366 days. So, with 28 days of math, telecom companies prepare a plan for 13 months in a year and customers have to recharge 13 monthly packs in a year. In this way, one month joins the telecom companies as part of their profits.

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