The explosion occurred shortly after the successful landing of SpaceX’s largest rocket, tweaking Musk’s Mars mission.

Elon Musk’s Space Exploration Technology Corporation’s (SpaceX) new and largest rocket landed successfully for the first time in its third attempt, but exploded 10 minutes after landing on Earth. The rocket was completely buried on the launchpad. As soon as the flight was successful, the rocket slipped into the fire. The incident has shocked the US space company’s Mars mission.

It is reported that the SpaceX rocket starship SN10 reached an altitude of about six miles (10 km) from Earth after taking off from Texas-based SpaceX’s Boka Chika on Wednesday. It exploded shortly after landing. The rocket has reached a critical stage with the first successful landing in three attempts before the fire. The cause of the blast in the rocket is not known. There was no immediate comment from SpaceX. But Musk rejoiced at the destruction of the rocket without tweeting. He also said the SpaceX team is doing a great job.

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