The dragon calmed down … !! Learn China’s important statement on fighting war at the United Nations

Chinese President Xi Jinping has made a big statement at the UN General Assembly. Jinping has made it clear that he has no intention of fighting a war. Earlier, India and China also agreed not to send troops in talks.

“The world should not get caught up in the battle of civilizations,” Jinping said. Big countries should act just like big countries. The remarks came after US President Donald Trump demanded that China be held accountable for the Corona virus epidemic.

In a 4-minute video message, India’s PM Narendra Modi showed a mirror to the United Nations, saying it was facing a crisis of credibility and urged to consider it. He said, “We cannot face the challenges today with the old structure without comprehensive reforms. The United Nations is facing a crisis of credibility. “

Modi said, “For today’s interconnected world, there is a need for a good multilateralism that reflects today’s realities, gives voice to all stakeholders, faces contemporary challenges and focuses on human welfare.”

The biggest event is the General Assembly, where all the great leaders of the world come together. Recorded speeches of the leaders are taking place this time in Coronal. On this occasion, many countries of the world expressed their concern over the tension between America and China. The United Nations did not celebrate its 75th anniversary on a grand scale in June this year.

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