The country with the longest Internet ban in the world, where the Internet has been down for almost 20 consecutive months

The Internet has emerged as the most basic need in today’s world. But many countries around the world are banning the Internet from time to time for a variety of reasons. But do you know who is the country with the longest internet ban in the world? In fact Myanmar has the record of having the longest ban in the world. Tell us about the recent lifting of the Internet ban in Myanmar’s Rakhine state after nearly 30 months. The internet was banned in the area in June 2016. The telecom operator had banned the internet so far following an order from Aung San Suu Kyi’s government.

Recently lifted the ban on the Internet

But there was a recent coup in Myanmar that ousted Aung San Suu Kyi. The internet has been removed from Myanmar only after this incident. Myanmar’s mobile operator Telenor Group confirmed on Monday that internet service had been restored in eight areas of Rakhine State on its behalf. The company said Telenor Group and Telenor Myanmar said they have been demanding the revival of internet service for a very long time, which could give us the power to give people freedom of expression. However, as a resident of Nardhan Rijan, Myanmar, internet service has resumed. But the speed of the internet is quite slow.

The longest restrictions on the Internet in these countries

  • Myanmar – 13,680 hours
  • Chad – 4,728 hours
  • India – 4,196 hours
  • Sudan – 1,560 hours
  • Congo – 456 hours

How many crores of rupees lost

Speaking of the damage caused by the internet ban, Chad has lost Rs 900 crore due to the internet ban. This has resulted in a loss of Rs 9,300 crore from the rest of the internet in India. According to a report by the Internet Shutdown website, the internet has been banned in Kashmir for 159 days, two of which are the longest. India is at the forefront of banning the internet. In 2016, the Internet was banned 18 times in India. Of these, the internet was shut down 65 times in Jammu and Kashmir. Pakistan was second in terms of Internet shutdowns, with the Internet banned 12 times in 2018.

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