The company changed the catastrophic Myntra logo for women


E-commerce work Mintra(Myntra) for women Indecent Has changed its logo after a complaint. A woman social worker in Mumbai alleged that the Myntra logo was indecent for women. The company confirmed this when contacted by Myntra. The company said Myntra M’s website, app and packaging content are going to change the logo everywhere.

Complaint of Avesta Foundation


The complaint was lodged by Naz Patel of the Avesta Foundation before the Mumbai Police Cyber ​​Cell last month. Deputy Commissioner of Police Rashmi Karandikar said a complainant had registered a cyber crime in the case at the police station. That said, we held a meeting at Myntra Satahai after the complaint. Company officials came to the meeting and agreed to change the logo. He has sent an e-mail about this.

Salute to Myntra too: Avesta

The Avesta Foundation said in a tweet, ‘Congratulations to our founder. He did what seemed obviously impossible. Thanks for your support, we are overwhelmed with feedback. Write salute to Myntra for addressing women’s concerns and respecting feelings. ‘

Mixed reaction

However, social media users are reacting mixedly. Some have welcomed the company’s decision, while others have said the demand for a change in logo is crazy. Flipkart Group company Myntra is one of the largest fashion e-retailers in the country.

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