The Chinese government’s treatment of Jack-ma as an enemy, know what he did …

Shanghai: Dragon means China is treating its giant businessman like enemies. The Chinese government has released a list of technology giants, but nowhere does Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba, one of the world’s largest e-commerce companies, be named. In other words, the Chinese government no longer considers Jack-Mae its own technology giant.

Alibaba owner Jack-mane is finding it difficult to speak out against his country’s Chinese government. The Chinese government has removed Jack-ma’s name from the list of technology giants. China no longer considers Jack-man to be its own giant technology businessman. China’s state-run media today released a list of its top technology experts, with Jack-ma’s name missing. This is now being considered after the incident. The Chinese government is very upset with Jack.

Speaking of the whole incident, Jack-ma questioned China’s financial regularities last year and called on the government to reform the banking regulation system, but Xi Jinping’s government did not like the condemnation. Jack Ma has been missing since the incident in October 2020, prompting a spate of allegations against the Chinese government.

Of course, in the meantime Jack-ma suddenly came across in January but they were spotted via video. After condemning the Chinese government, the authorities began investigating several cases against Jack-Mani’s Alibaba Group and Ant Group.

The list includes BYD President Wang Chuanfu, Xiaomi Corp co-founder Lei Jun and Huawei Technology Company’s Ren Zhegfei, among others.

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