The Black season 2 – Anime will return for more Kaiju-battles!

Pacific Rim: The Black has only just premiered on Netflix, but fans around the world are wondering if and when the anime will return for season 2?

If you were a fan of the original Pacific Rim movies (2013 and 2017), you will love Netflix’s latest anime series.

Pacific Rim: The Black is an original anime that follows two siblings as they attempt to cross a Kaiju-dominated Australia.

The series has only just premiered on Netflix, but will Pacific Rim: The Black be renewed for another adventure and if so, what date could season 2 release?

Pacific Rim: The Black Season 2…

  • It’s good news for fans of Pacific Rim: The Black, it’s been reported that the anime series has been officially renewed for season 2 by Netflix.

In July 2019, IGN reported that a second season of Pacific Rim: The Black had been given the green light by Netflix.

Since then, sites such as Silica Era and ScreenRant have also reported on the renewal, with IGN stating that Legendary Entertainment’s Elie Dekel has officially confirmed that season 2 will be produced.

“[This is] one of the biggest budget anime series I’ve had the pleasure of working on, and I think that speaks to the commitment of Netflix and Legendary [to anime]” – Elie Dekel, via IGN.

Pacific Rim: The Black Season 2 release date….

At the time of writing, an official release date for Pacific Rim: The Black has not been confirmed.

However, we can make some predictions on when the anime could return according to the information that we have on the first season’s production.

The series was announced in November 2018, with the initial premiere set for late-2020. Assuming that season 2 will have a similar production schedule, fans may not see the Kaiju-anime return until mid-2022.

On the other hand, several Netflix animated series have experienced a shorter turnaround because production had already started before the prior season premiered.

Hopefully, Pacific Rim: The Black season 2 will release in late-2021, but this article will be updated as soon as more information is confirmed.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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