The birth of the corona virus in China, the victim becomes impotent! Tension in the Chinese!

The virus that has now spread in China will justify Nana Patekar’s famous dialogue, ‘Sala ek mosquito aadmi ko hijda bana deta hai!’ In China, people are being infected with a deadly bacterial disease. Which may cause their impotence. According to the Health Commission of Lanzhou, a large city in Gansu Province, 3,245 people have been exposed to a serious disease called brucellosis, a bacterial infection, and people around the world are praying that they will not become impotent.
Expert commissioners, on the other hand, say that the bacterial infection is caused by contact with animals. However, media reports of bacterial infections show something different. According to media reports, the new virus is spread by a chemical leak in a biopharmaceutical company.
“A serious illness called brucellosis can ruin a person’s reproductive system,” said Xu Guoqing, a professor at Yangzhou University. If a person does not get treatment at the right time, he becomes impotent.
This disease called brucellosis is also called Malta fever or Mediterranean fever, which is the cause of a group of bacteria of the genus Brucellosis. People are always exposed to the disease through exposure to infected animals such as pigs, goats and dogs.
Although it is currently said that the rate of transmission of the disease from one person to another is negligible, drinking unheated milk or eating infected food such as milk and cheese can infect a person. In addition, exposure to airborne agents can lead to infection. China is hiding this and
Like Corona, the disease has been known to the world for a long time. The disease is the main cause of common flu-like fever, weakness, headache, muscle aches and fatigue. However, in men the disease can cause infertility, encephalitis and meningitis.
The disease is spread by any infected animal. Do not drink boiled milk without boiling it. Be careful not to eat dairy products. This is an airborne disease. Which will also cause difficulty in breathing. So the emphasis is on wearing a face mask to reduce the risk of infection.
Bacterial infection called brucellosis can be spread by inhalation. Zogmu Lanzhou, a pharmaceutical company, is responsible for the infection. The new disease is thought to have spread by mistake after the infection was leaked last year, with symptoms similar to those of Corona but the victim becomes impotent.

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