The Biden administration will move forward on Trump’s policy of cutting China in the Indo-Pacific region

BidenThe administration sees the Quad Group as a basis on which U.S. policy can be formulated in the context of the strategically important Indo-Pacific region. National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan made the remarks on Friday. He was speaking at an event organized by the US Institute of Peace, an idea tank funded by Parliament. He said the US would lead the quad group of four countries. It is clear from the indications that China’s aggression in the Indo-Pacific region is not in the mood to tolerate the US.

Work to make the ‘quad’ progress

National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan said the US would work for the progress of the Quad, a group of four countries. We want to take it further. This is a system that we see as a cornerstone through which an important US policy can be formulated in the Indo-Pacific region. Sullivan also said the Biden administration would work on the previous Trump administration’s ‘quad’ and India-Pacific policy.

India-Pacific policy to continue

National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan said the Trump administration’s India-Pacific policy is an initiative that will continue. The US NSA made it clear that it would try to move forward and implement the steps taken by the previous administration. It is understandable that India, Japan, the US and Australia shaped this quadrangle to counter China’s aggression in the Indo-Pacific region.

Talk to India about common challenges

Highlighting India’s role in the Indo-Pacific region, the US Secretary of State said that they are already an important partner. During their first telephonic conversation with their Indian counterpart S Jaishankar, the two leaders discussed ways to better take advantage of new opportunities and meet new opportunities and common defense challenges in the Indo-Pacific region and beyond.

Talk about a lot of serious issues

It is learned that after taking over as the top diplomat in the US, External Affairs Minister Zabki has had a telephone conversation with S Jaishankar. State Department spokeswoman Ned Price said Friday that the Indian and U.S. ministers discussed steps that could be taken to further expand Corona vaccination efforts, regional development, bilateral relations and other issues of mutual concern.

India is also a member of the US. Ready to work with.

The Indian External Affairs Ministry also said that Jaishankar and Zabke have expressed their commitment to strengthen and expand the multilateral strategic partnership. Since taking over as foreign minister, Zbak has spoken to his counterparts from more than a dozen countries, including Canada, Mexico, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Britain, Japan, Germany, France, Israel and South Africa.

U.S. The army also opens up

The U.S. military also questioned the flights of Chinese military aircraft in the South China Sea last week, according to news agency Reuters. The U.S. military said in a statement that the flights were in line with Beijing’s aggressive behavior. According to the news agency AI, China has been reprimanded for its military activities in the disputed South China Sea, saying its move was going to destabilize the region.

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