The American government, on the side of the country’s citizens, will provide the public with 6,000 daily cash assistance in addition to running a business and providing allowances to the unemployed.

The government has once again stepped in to provide relief to the people whose corona has gone berserk and affected people’s jobs, and in the US the government has announced such a huge relief package that it has taken immediate steps to allow citizens to get Rs 6,000 per day directly into their accounts.
The United States has announced a પે 900 billion, or about Rs 72 lakh crore, relief package to help its people, including traders and those in need, including jobs and farmers. $ 600 i.e. Rs. 44000 will be provided. Under the new provisions, the government will help businesses, schools and health services the most.
There was a long discussion about this relief package. Newly elected President Joe Biden has announced his support for helping those affected by the Corona virus epidemic and helping the economy to recover, giving immediate relief to those living in the United States and providing home-based unemployment benefits to unemployed youth.

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