The 90-year-old Warren Buffett became the sixth person in the world to do so

WASHINGTON: Hardly anyone would be unaware of Warren Buffett. American businessman Warren Buffett’s wealth exceeded 100 100 billion. At the same time, Warren Buffett joined the club of businessmen with a fortune of 100 100 billion. Buffett is the sixth businessman in the world to join the club. Shares of American businessman and investor Warren Buffett’s company soared. Buffett’s fortune was boosted by an unexpected rise in the company’s stock. Buffett’s net worth rose to 100 100.4 billion as the company’s stock rose.

Warren Buffett, 90, is chairman of Berkshire Hathaway. The company’s stock has risen sharply in the last two days. The Class A share price reached 407. So the Class-B share price was also quoted above વધુ 263. Shares of Buffett’s company have soared over the past week. A few days ago Warren Buffett wrote a letter of thanks to shareholders. The letter was followed by a gradual rise in the company’s stock. It too had risen sharply in the last two days.

The company reported a quarterly profit of 35 35.8 billion despite the impact of Corona. Before Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos, Alan Musk, Bill Guest, Bernard Arnold and Mark Zuckerberg have all joined the club. The five businessmen have a net worth of 100 billion or more.

Warren Buffett is currently ranked sixth in the Bloomberg Billionaire Index. Jeff Bezos is first, Alan Musk is second, Bill Gates is third, Bernard Arnold is fourth and Mark Zuckerberg is fifth. With the exception of Bernard Arnold and Mukesh Ambani, American businessmen continue to dominate the top-10. Mukesh Ambani is ranked 10th with a net worth of 84 84.7 billion. The 100 100 billion club also includes five American businessmen.

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