The 3 billion population of the world does not get enough food. On the other hand, 930 million tons of food is wasted by the rich, find out how much grain Indians are wasting …

The problem of food availability and hunger is increasing all over the world due to the coron epidemic and lockdown. On the other hand, it has come to light that food is being wasted indiscriminately by rich and well-to-do people. The Food Waste Index Report 2021 released by the United Nations is the opposite. According to the report, an estimated 931 million tons of food waste goes into the bin worldwide. In the year 2019, 17% of the total food available to the consumers went to the dustbin through domestic, retailers, restaurants and other food services. India is not far behind.

The UNEP report released on Thursday said that the total weight of waste fodder in India in 2019-20 is equal to the total production of pulses, sugarcane and horticultural products. Even in India, where millions of people are struggling to make ends meet, the report says. Here, too, tons of food are wasted every year. Experts are looking for a way out of this serious controversy. We need to run an awareness campaign on this issue with the help of the government and NGOs.

Globally, 74 kilograms of food are wasted in households. In other countries, 82 kg of food is wasted every year in Afghanistan, 79 kg in Nepal, 76 kg in Sri Lanka, 74 kg in Pakistan and 65 kg in Bangladesh. Per capita, food waste is actually higher in West Asian and sub-Saharan African countries compared to most of South Asian and European and North American countries.

The report cites the Food and Agriculture Organization, which estimates that 690 million people worldwide will suffer from hunger in 2019. The number has risen sharply during and after the Corona epidemic, the Food Waste Index report said. This report will definitely get the message across to the people and help prevent waste from being eaten. Because, the food problem is facing 3 billion people worldwide.

Let me tell you, 8-10% of global greenhouse gas emissions are associated with food that is not consumed. According to the report, UNEP Executive Director Inger Andersen said GHC emissions would be cut to reduce food wastage. The destruction of nature will be slowed down through land conversion and pollution. Food availability will increase, and thus hunger will be reduced. Money will be saved in times of global recession.

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