The 16-year-old girl became the Prime Minister of Finland for one day, find out what message she gave in the speech?

Finland: To reduce the gender gap, a 16-year-old girl from Finland got a chance to become prime minister one day. On Wednesday, Prime Minister Sana Mari vacated his seat for such statues. After sitting in the Prime Minister’s chair, such statues met cabinet ministers and discussed women’s rights in the field of technology.

The 16-year-old girl became prime minister for a day

According to the news, Murthy said in his speech, “Today I am very happy to speak in front of all of you. However, I would not be here today if there was no need for a campaign for girls. ” One day the Prime Minister said, “But the truth is that we have never achieved gender equality anywhere in the world. It is true that in this case we have done a lot but there is still a lot to be achieved. ”

This is the fourth year that Finland has joined the United Nations Awareness Campaign. Under the ‘Girls Takeover’ program, a teenager gets a chance to enter another field and politics for a day. This year’s focus is to promote technological and digital functionality opportunities among girls from Kenya, Peru, Sudan and Vietnam.

The government of Finland has uploaded a speech of such statues on the YouTube channel. Murto is a leading activist on weather and human rights issues. After receiving the title of being the youngest Prime Minister in the world, Sana Marin Nehru emphasized on ensuring access of technology to man. “The digital divide between a community or a country should not go deeper,” he said.

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