Tesla’s sister company turns wiring into monkey’s brain, can now play mind game

Tesla CEO Alan Musk said the monkey’s brain was wired by Neuralink, the company he founded, in such a way that it could play video games. The company has placed a computer chip in the monkey’s skull and attached it to the brain with a thin wire.


Monkey happy after wiring

An English news channel reported that the monkey seemed happy after the wiring. The surgery was performed by Neuralink in accordance with US standards.

The monkey will be able to play Mind Pong game with Ekmak

“If you look, you don’t even know where the neural implant is,” Musk said in a conversation via the new Social Media Club House app. There just seems to be a slight darkening. Neuralink is trying to test whether it can play mind pong with monkeys by implanting a chip. Musk, CEO of Tesla, SpaceX and Neuralink, said it would be a cool event if the monkey played a video game.

Computer-brain interface development

A team of about 100 people is developing a computer-brain interface at Neuralink, headquartered in San Francisco. Musk said Neuralink’s goal is to increase the flow of information from the human brain to the machine. Musk also spoke about space travel, colonies on Mars, crypto and artificial intelligence.

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