Talking of work / not depositing your lazy rupee somewhere in the bank? Get back by checking this way

Lots Once you are in a bank Account Open and no longer use that account. If there is no transaction in the account for a long time, your account becomes inactive. But, if you have deposited money in the bank and now the account is closed, you can get that money back. For this, you have to complete a process, after which you will get this money back.

Canara Bank

If you don’t remember if you have any money deposited, you can easily find out. Once you know about this amount, then you can easily withdraw this rupee. If you think that your money is also deposited in Canara Bank, we are telling you the way by which you can know by name whether your money is deposited or not. In the process, if you find out that your money is deposited, you can go back to the bank and get this money back.

Canara Bank has launched an option for Unclaimed Deposit on its website for its customers. From this you can see if there is any Unclaimed Deposit in the bank through online, if any, then you can go to the branch and place a request for this rupee.


What is Unclaimed Deposit?

Indeed, when you open a bank account and do not use it for a long time after depositing money, your account becomes inactive. Also, if you do not withdraw money from the bank for a long time, the bank calls it Unclaimed Deposit. “If the rupee deposited in the bank is not used for a long time, it becomes an unclaimed deposit,” said a senior Canara Bank official. First the bank keeps it in your account for 3 years, then keeps it with itself for 3 to 10 years. Even after this, if you do not apply for it, the money is given to the RBI.


In the bank This way check if your money is deposited

If you want to check if you have money in Canara Bank. So you can check by going to the official website of Canara Bank. For this you first have to go to the official website of the bank and then Unclaimed Deposit in the user page. Have to click on. Here you have to give your name and information about the bank branch. After filling these two matters, You will know if your rupee is in the bank or not. If any of your rupee is deposited in the bank, So your name will appear in the list.

How to get your money back?

If your name is in this list, then you can get this rupee back. For this you have to contact the bank branch, where you will get your money back after applying.

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