Talk about work / Start this business at home, will earn up to 30 thousand


If you also want to start a business sitting at home Pickled Can create. If you find a homemade pickle in the market, it is different. Here you can earn good money by selling your homemade pickles on a large platform. You can do this business in any season. You can start from your home. And when the level of your business increases, you can shift it to a bigger place.

How much will it cost in the beginning?

You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business Approximately It will cost 10 thousand rupees. In addition, from the first month you will start earning about 25 to 30 thousand rupees. In addition you can improve your packaging and product to increase revenue.

Where can you sell?

You can sell your pickles online, in bulk, in retail markets and retail chains.

How much space will be needed

You will need about 900 square feet of space to do this business. You will need more space to prepare the pickles, dry the pickles, pack. In addition, to keep the pickle fresh for a long time, care must be taken in cleaning.

Will earn good

If we talk about profit in this business, you will have to invest about 10 thousand rupees in the beginning. Then you can make a profit on the first day. Along with this, marketing should also be done at the beginning. Which costs you a few bucks. This small business can be turned into a big business with hard work and new experimentation.

How to get a license

You will need a license to start this business. Let’s say you have to get permission from the Food Safety and Standards Authority to do business in food and drink. In which he checks your product and gives you a license after passing their test.


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