Talk about work / open an account with 0 balance in this bank, you will get these many benefits

Involved in the largest government bank in the country SBI That is, who does not want to open an account in the State Bank of India. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also has an account in this bank. But there are relative difficulties in opening an account in this bank. Branches of this bank are often crowded in overcrowded cities.

If we talk about cities like Delhi, there are many people here From the outside Come and go and big troubles arise for them. Maintaining an account is also a big hassle. This is because many accounts have a number of conditions to maintain a minimum balance. Then you can also open an account in SBI with 0 balance. We will share information and benefits from the area.

PM Modi’s account in SBI

PM Narendra Modi has also opened an account in SBI. In which he has deposited his money. In fact, this came to light when the Union Council of Ministers, including PM Modi, announced their assets. According to the announcement, PM Modi’s wealth has increased to Rs 2.85 crore by June 30, 2020. As of 2019, PM Modi’s wealth has increased by Rs 36 lakh.

Mention this Details of their assets and liabilities registered on the website have been found. PM Modi’s account is in SBI’s Gandhinagar branch. In addition to depositing money in this bank account, he has also invested money in several schemes.


How to open 0 Balance Small Savings Account?

Starting from SBI 0 Balance Savings Account you can open through a modest KYC document. Anyone over the age of 18 can open an account. For this you have to give a self attested photograph to the bank officer and signature or thumbprint. Doing so will open the account.

These are the account features

This account is also called BASIC SAVING BANK DEPOSIT ACCOUNT. It is a small savings account separate from the regular savings account. In which you do not need to have a minimum balance. That’s a good thing though. This means that if you ever suddenly need money, you can withdraw all your money. If you do not say a single rupee in the account, no charge will be deducted. In it you get 2.75% interest just like a normal savings account.

Get an ATM card for free, no maintenance charge

Small account openers are basically given ATM cum debit card for free. That is, there is no annual maintenance fee. In addition, just like a normal savings account, this account also has the facility to deposit and withdraw cash. At the same time, there is a facility to withdraw money from ATM, internet banking, fund transfer. All these features are available for free. One more special thing is that there is no charge for closing this account.


However there are some limitations

You can transfer from this account to ATM only 4 times in a month. For the 5th time you have to pay Rs.15 and GST on each transfer. Also, no more than Rs 1 lakh should be credited to this account in a financial year. This account is originally for low income people. However you can also open this account. But the condition is, you should not already have a savings account in this bank.


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