Stunning health insurance policy – in which your family as well as in-laws will get insurance cover, know its benefits

AHMEDABAD: The need for health insurance policy has increased in today’s modern times due to the epidemic of corona. Since the Corona epidemic, people have become very aware of their health. During this period, health insurance companies have also benefited greatly. Because now such people have also started preferring health insurance, which they did not pay attention to earlier. But with so many products on the market, people are unable to choose the right policy. If you have not yet taken out your health insurance, today you are talking about the life health policy of LIC, the largest government insurance company in the country. Let us know what are the features of this policy.

LIC’s Life Health Plan is a Connected Health Policy that helps you with your health related diseases and the costs involved. In this plan, you can cover yourself, wife, children, parents and not only that, but also your in-laws. This is useful for your family in bad times.

Features of a health insurance policy

  • The whole family gets coverage
  • Children, parents, in-laws, everyone is safe
  • Coverage from small hospital expenses to large operations
  • 50% payment is received immediately upon admission to the hospital
  • Payment is made only on a photocopy of the hospital bill
  • How to get coverage
  • Payment is received immediately in serious cases like accident, operation
  • An ambulance charge of Rs.1000 is also available
  • 5 to 50% increase in claim

Under this scheme, if you are admitted to the hospital, then you will have the option to choose between Rs.1000 to Rs.4000 per day. You can take a payment of Rs 4000 per day for 720 days. So, if your coverage amount is more, then you can take Rs 8000 per day for 360 days. This facility is for ICU. Under this scheme you can avail the facility 5 times in a year. So, in case of an accident, the claim is settled within 0 days.

Coverage of natural disasters like regular checkups, suicide attempts, cost of pre-pregnancy status, earthquakes, floods are not available under this scheme. So, coverage of drugs like HIV, drugs and alcohol is not available in this policy. You can pay premium for this policy on monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly basis. You can also pay via ECS mode.

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