STOOL TRANSPLANT: The exact way to bring good bacteria for digestion by bringing another’s diarrhea into the body, research to do the same for every organ

In the language of doctors, a substance that removes solids from the body is called a stool. Maria Wehrschild, an infectious disease specialist at the University Hospital in Frankfurt, Germany, has experienced that most people do not want to talk about their stools. Many people are offended by the idea of ​​putting someone else’s stool in their body. But in the end, they have to say yes to the disease. A stool transplant is called a fecal microbiota transplant (FMT) in medical terms. People who have frequent stomach infections can have their digestive power removed from the stool plant taken from the body of another healthy person. Efforts are made to increase the number of good bacteria in the patient’s body and to bring balance. The total genetic content of microbes, bacteria and other microorganisms found in everyone’s body is as different as the fingerprints of every human being in the world. About the effect of billions of bacteria and other microorganisms on the human body in all the activities of the body. “There is no organ that is not connected to the effect of the microbiome,” says Warshield. This is the reason why in recent years, researchers have begun to focus on the relationship between microbiomes for diseases not only the stomach but also the brain.

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