Start this business from home with 4 to 5 hours of work news / day, will earn double


After the lockdown when many people’s jobs are gone. The company Own Employees’ salaries have been reduced. Many people are having a hard time adjusting to household expenses and things. Today we are going to tell you about a business that you can start sitting at home. If you do some work, you can double your income by taking some time off. The good news is, the more you invest, the more your profits will double. We are talking about the business of indoor plants. For that, if you give only three-four hours a day in addition to your chores, you can earn good money.

This business can start from 1 thousand rupees

Indoor in the name of home creativity decoration Of plants Chetana Patil, who is doing business, started this business as a side work with her gym. He says that he started this business with only one thousand rupees. This is a job that you can earn well by giving 4 to 5 hours a day. She sells plants with containers, she said. Plastic containers Available at Rs 20 while up to Rs 50 for ceramics. The same amount is needed to plant the soil and prepare it. It also decorates the container a little. Which makes it look more attractive. According to Chetna, it costs around Rs 100 to set up an indoor plant. It can also be easily sold at double the price in this market.

Make use of this plant

Even a housewife can take some time to do this business sitting at home. Among the indoor plants, he says, are Plumtree, Spider, Dragon, Jade Plant, Money Plant, Fair Plant. Which you should see at home for 2 to 3 days whether it is growing or not. Once you see this you can sell it.

Sell ​​in the market this way

No more hassle to sell these plants. Because these plants do not even need to be overseen. Accordingly, the best way to sell it is to the people around you. In the beginning you have to work a little harder to let people know that you have started this work. Then the people who keep the plants in the house will ask themselves where they bought them from.


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