Start this business for 50 thousand rupees, you will earn more than 1 crore per month, know all the details


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If you do this Everyday Bored with work So you own BusinessCan start. Today we are telling you about a business that you can start with just 50 thousand rupees. In a few years, this business will start earning millions. This business is the digital hoardings business. In this age of digital this business of online hoardings can prove to be a lucrative deal for you. This was stated by Dipti Awasthi Sharma, Founder,, an outdoor advertising startup. Dipti is earning more than Rs 1 crore per month from this business. So let us know from them how you can start a business of online hoardings and how much money can be made in it.

Millions will be earned in a year

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Dipti Awasthi Sharma was just 27 years old when she started her online hoarding business in 2016. Not having much money, Dipti started hoarding online by investing only Rs 50,000. However, revenue of Rs 12 crore started from the second year itself and Dipti’s turnover exceeded Rs 20 a year later. “I started the business of digital hoardings in 2016 with a very small amount of Rs 50,000,” says Dipti. The idea succeeded and started earning in a short time. Explaining the reason behind starting the business of digital hoardings, he says, “I did research on this and I found that this field is very organized and in this world of digital people, everything should be at home.” In such a situation this business became a profitable deal.

Learn how to get started

This work can be started with the help of marketing and technology. All you have to do is create a website with your domain name. It has to promote itself. At the beginning you can see where and how people are looking for ads and place they can contact them. The business is moving fast. Because people want to sit at home and advertise.

This is how Dipti’s company works

First of all, the customer has to log in to GoHardings.Com’s website. After this, you have to go to the website and search for your location (where he has to install the hoarding). Once the location is selected the company receives a mail. The artwork and order comes from the customer after the company sends confirmation of the availability of the site and location. An ID and password are provided to go live on the location site. The company charges Rs 1 lakh to get hoardings for a period of one month.

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