Special read / If you miss, you won’t get a chance to buy a cheap home-shop again, this bumper offer started from today

If To you Want to buy a house, car and land and yours Budget Even less, you don’t have to worry. State Bank of India (SBI) has come up with offers to solve your problems. The mega e-auction of SBI, the country’s largest bank, is starting today. The house will house, shop, land, cars and machinery will be auctioned off. More than 1,000 properties will be auctioned under this auction process. The mortgage property is auctioned by the bank from time to time for recovery from defaulters. SBI has given this information by tweeting.


The assets are all over the country and bids have been invited jointly from various branches of SBI. On this website, you are also placed a reserve price for the property. Information about the date and time of auction of different properties is given.

Property at a low price

The advantage of buying an auctioned property at this time is that you will get it at a lower price. To purchase the auctioned property, you can visit IBAPI’s official website https://ibapi.in/. Register using email id and mobile number. Submit a KYC document for bidding. Only then will the next process be completed.


To participate in the auction process, you can register with a mobile number and email ID. Helpline number- (033-40602403 / 40067351/40628253/40645316/40645207/40609118) has also been issued by SBI. If any kind of information is required, it can be contacted here.

Participate in auctions like this

> You can apply online to participate in this auction.

>> All the documents have to be submitted to the branch for full details of KYC.

>> To participate in the e-auction, participants have to submit Earnest Money Deposit i.e. EMD.

>> Digital signature will be required. If you want to participate in the auction, you can go to e-auctions or a recognized agency and get a digital signature.

>> After submitting EMD and KYC documents to the branch, low-Gin ID and password will be sent to the bidders’ e-auction e-mail ID, through which one can participate in the auction.


Get all the information about the auction here

>> C1 INDIA Pvt. Ltd: https://www.bankeauctions.com/Sbi

>> e-Procurement Technologies Limited: https://sbi.auctiontiger.net/EPROC/

>> For displaying of the properties : https://ibapi.in

>> For auction platform: https://www.mstcecommerce.com/auctionhome/ibapi/index.jsp

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