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India People who want to start a government business Loan Is giving. Mudra scheme has benefited millions of people. Under Mudra Yojana, loans are given for all types of business. The special thing is that you can take this loan easily and you do not need to do much paperwork for this. However, people often complain that bank officials are not approving their loans. If your documents are complete and you are still not getting a loan, you can complain to the bank.

Also, you can find out more about this by calling the toll free number in your state. In addition, a nodal officer has been appointed by the government for each bank, from whom you can lodge a complaint or resolve your issue. In such a situation, today we are telling you some numbers through which you can complain or get information. Find out the numbers that work for you


Toll number according to each state

Indeed, the government has given a toll number according to each state, where you can get information about the loan. In this, you will find information about each loan.

1 Andaman Nicobar- 18003454545

2 AP 18004251525

3 Arunachal Pradesh 18003453988

4 Assam 18003453988

5 Bihar 18003456195

6 Chandigarh 18001804383

7 Chhattisgarh 18,002,334,358

8 Dadra and Nagar Haveli- 18002338944

9 Daman and Diu- 18002338944

10 Goa- 18002333202

11 Gujarat- 18002338944


12 Haryana- 18001802222

13 Himachal Pradesh – 18001802222

14 Jammu and Kashmir- 18001807087

15 Jharkhand- 1800 3456 576

16 Karnataka – 180042597777

17 Kerala- 180042511222

18 Lakshadweep- 0484-2369090

19 Madhya Pradesh- 18002334035

20 Maharashtra- 18001022636

21 Manipur- 18003453988

22 Meghalaya-18003453988

23 Mizoram- 18003453988


24 Nagaland- 18003453988

25 Delhi- 18001800124

26 Odisha- 18003456551

27 Puducherry- 18004250016

28 Punjab 18001802222

29 Rajasthan 18001806546

30 Sikkim 18003453988

31 Tamil Nadu- 18004251646

32 Telangana- 18004258933

33 Tripura- 18003453344

34 Uttar Pradesh- 18001027788

35 Uttarakhand- 18001804167

36 West Bengal – 18003453344

National toll free number – 1800 180 1111, 1800 11 0001

Nodal Officer according to each bank

What is PM Mudra Yojana?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana on April 8, 2015. Loans are given to people to start a business under the PM Mudra scheme. The special thing about it is that you do not need to give any guarantee to get a loan.

There are three types of loans

There are three types of loans available under Pradhan Mantri Yojana. First- Infant Loan, Second- Juvenile Loan and Third- Adolescent Loan. Under the infant loan, a loan of up to Rs. 50,000 is given to start a business. At the same time, under a juvenile loan, you can apply for a loan of Rs 50,000 to Rs 5 lakh. While in youth loan a loan of up to Rs 10 lakh can be applied for business expansion.

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