Special Read / After LPG, now CNG and PNG gas are expensive, find out the new prices


In Mumbai and surrounding areas Pipe Gas supply company Mahanagar GasOn Monday, the price of compressed natural gas (CNG) was hiked by Rs 1.5 per kg and piped domestic gas (PNG) by 95 paise per cubic meter. The state-owned company said it had increased the price of these fuels to partially offset operating staff and fixed costs during the Covid 19 epidemic.

The company said that it was working on CNG and PNG in Mumbai and other areas at that time. The spirit has gone 49.40 kilometers per day and 29.85 cubic meters per hour (slab 1) and 35.45 hours per hour cubic meters (slab 2). He said the price of domestic LPG was also increased after the budget. 25 prices have been increased. Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOC) website site, February 4, 2021 excluding 14.2 kg of subsidized LPG gas


The price of a cylinder has gone up by 25 per cent. Along with that it was 719 places per cylinder raising the price of subsidized gas cylinders without 14.2 kg in the country’s capital. Similarly, Mumbai’s rate is Rs 719, Kolkata’s rate is Rs 745 and Chennai’s rate is Rs 735.

Price of 19 kg commercial cylinder

The price of a 19-kg commercial cylinder rose by Rs 191 this month. But on February 4, domestic cooking gas prices rose once again. Cooking gas cylinder prices doubled in December. It was increased from Rs 594 in November to Rs 644 on December 1 and then again on December 15 to Rs 694. An increase of Rs 100 was made in a month. Then in January, the oil companies kept the price of LPG stable and now the price of LPG has gone up again.


Check the price of LPG in this way

To check the price of a cooking gas cylinder you have to go to the website of the government oil company. There companies issue new prices every month. (https://iocl.com/Products/IndaneGas.aspx) At this link you can check the price of gas cylinder in your city.


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