Sovereign Gold Bond is an excellent opportunity to invest in gold, find out the issue date and price details

Mumbai: Do you plan to invest in gold with less money? So I have an answer opportunity to invest in gold in which you can invest with less money. You may have heard the name Sovereign Gold Bond. Sovereign gold bonds are an excellent option for small investors to invest in gold.

Gold bond issue and price details are opening on this date

With gold prices soaring at the moment, not everyone needs to have that much money. So you can start investing in gold bonds with just Rs 5,000. The new issue of Sovereign Gold Bonds is opening from Monday. The 11th series of Sovereign Gold Bonds is resuming in February and is available for investment for 5 days from 1 to 5 February 2021. This is the 11th issue of Sovereign Gold Bond. The price for this new issue of Sovereign Gold Bond has been fixed at Rs 4912 per gram. The issue price is determined by the Indian Bullion and Jewelers Association Limited on the basis of the average price of 999 purity gold in the last three working days. Earlier, the issue price was set at Rs 5,104 per gram for the Sovereign Gold Bond series in January. The bond is for a period of 8 years with an exit option after 5 years.

Under the Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme you can invest in one gram of gold. You can buy a minimum of one gram and a maximum of 500 grams of gold in a year here. The special thing is that investing in gold bonds also gives you tax relief. You can buy the Sovereign Gold Scheme from your bank, Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited, Post Office of choice, National Stock Exchange or Bombay Stock Exchange.

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