Sourav Ganguly is battling this serious disease, find out here how dangerous the disease is!

Former captain of Team India and current BCCI President Sourav GangulyIs often plagued by a serious illness. According to doctors, the grandfather is suffering from ‘triple vessel disease’. Today we will learn what this disease is and how dangerous it can be for a man.

Grandpa’s angioplasty

On the night of January 26, 2021 Sourav GangulyHe was admitted to the Apollo Hospital in Kolkata the next morning after he complained of chest pain. Grandpa underwent angioplasty and 2 more stents were inserted to remove obstruction in the coronary arteries. Now his condition is stable.


Complain for the second time in a month

Sourav Ganguly underwent cardiac arrest on January 2, at which time he was running on a gym treadmill. He was later admitted to Woodlands Hospital in Kolkata. He was discharged from the hospital on January 7. He also thanked the doctors.

Who is doing the treatment?

Renowned heart specialist in India, Dr. Sourav Ganguly underwent angioplasty under the supervision of Devi Shetty. Devi Shetty is a well known name in the world of medical science. This cardiac surgeon has been awarded the Padma Bhushan award in the year 2012.

What is angioplasty?

Angioplasty is heart surgery. Also known as balloon angioplasty and percutaneous transluminal angioplasty. It can regulate the blood supply through the arteries.

Why does a heart attack occur?

The heart is the main organ in the human body. It supplies blood to the whole body. Blood returns to the heart through arteries. Cholesterol in the blood often causes fat to build up and block the arteries. It is called ‘coronary artery disease’. It causes a heart attack.

What is triple vessel disease?

According to medical experts, this is a very dangerous form of coronary artery disease. The 3 large arteries carry blood to the heart and when all three of these arteries become blocked, it is known as ‘triple vessel disease’. This can lead to chest pain and shortness of breath.


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