Signs of bad luck – Hundreds of migratory birds fell to the ground like rain from the sky here

An incident that took place in the city of Philadelphia in the United States had revived the fear of something inauspicious among the locals. It happened that hundreds of migratory birds fell to the ground like rain from the sky in a dead state. The locals were shocked to see this.

More migratory birds died this way

The incident began on the second of October. So far more than fifteen hundred migratory birds have been estimated to have died in this way. These birds were heading south before the onset of killer winter. The first such incident took place in 1947, two years ago. Then for the first time this year such scenes were seen again.

75 birds were presented to me

Stephen Masizewski, who is involved in wildlife activity in Philadelphia, said 400 birds fell to the ground from the sky between 5 and 8 a.m. on October 2. A number of birds have been falling this way ever since, this is truly a catastrophic event. The first time I saw such an event was in 1947. He added that in front of my eyes a scavenger introduced me one by one 75 birds. There were also a few survivors. It happened to the scavenger that I had come to pick up the dead bird so he gave it to me. I noted the influence of each such bird’s flight path, time and place.

Aflata died

According to a report, the birds died on the way to Canada after crashing into the glass of skyscrapers. Earlier, a resolution was introduced in the US Congress not to install glass in very tall towers. That glass remains dangerous.

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