SBI has given this facility to the customers on the portal, your work will be done in one click

The largest public sector bank SBI Including offering new features for its customers. The bank has now launched a port for loan restructuring. All information related to loan-restructuring is being made available on this website. It can also be applied for loan restructuring. The customer can also go to the bank after one month to apply and complete the paperwork. The bank will decide on loan restructuring after looking at the paperwork.

SBI is facilitating loan-restructuring under RBI rules

Indeed the RBI decided to restructure for the economically affected people infected with Corona. At the same time, banks have given their loan customers the option of restructuring. Earlier, the bank had announced a moratorium for its loan customers for two years. SBI is the customer SBI You can choose the option of loan restructuring by visiting the site of

SBI launched Loan Moratium facility

SBI has launched a loan moratorium scheme under RBI’s one-time relief scheme. This facility of the bank will be available to their loan customers, who have taken a loan before March 1, 2020 and who are giving continuous EMI till before Covid. However, the bank taking advantage of this facility will have to prove that their earnings have been affected by the lockdown.

May come to the job a second time

State Bank MD CM Shetty said the option of loan restructuring from his bank will depend on when the corona-affected person starts earning or how long he can get a second job. After SBI’s relief, other public sector banks can also offer such relief. A relief scheme can be brought from a private bank. The news is that ICICI Bank and HDFC Bank may be the first to come up with such a scheme.


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