Saudi Arabia’s dream of becoming a female judge will soon come true, government pledges

New Delhi: Under the ongoing social reforms in the last few years, the Saudi Arabian government is now taking major steps to enable women to participate in the judiciary. The government is considering deploying women judges in the court and the matter is expected to be taken up soon, an official said.

Women will have the opportunity to become judges in Saudi Arabia

According to Al-Arabiya Net, Hind Al-Zahid, the undersecretary of women empowerment in the Saudi Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, has made a big statement. He says women will soon be appointed to judges in the Ministry of Justice as part of a government campaign to empower Saudi women. He said, “Today, people in a normal judicial career have to go through many stages before becoming a judge. All I can say is that the idea of ​​a Saudi woman becoming a judge is going to come true very soon. Initiatives are being taken at several stages.

The government expressed its commitment to social reform

He said that the government of Saudi Arabia is very serious about promoting women empowerment in many phases so that everyone has equal opportunity to reach the position of leadership. In an interview with Al-Arabia, she reiterated the government’s commitment to advancing women’s empowerment, especially in various fields. He said the participation of Saudi women in the country’s labor market had exceeded expectations. Today their share has reached 31 percent and this is a big step forward. As far as the civil service is concerned, their participation rate has increased from 39 per cent to 41 per cent and most of them are in education, health and other sectors. According to a World Bank report, 2020 saw Saudi Arabia’s economy see the biggest jump in gender equality internationally since 2017.

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