Russia to re-issue visas to Indian nationals

New Delhi: Russia has taken a good initiative for Indian citizens. Russia on Saturday said it would soon issue visas to all classes of Indians. A statement issued by the Russian embassy in New Delhi said the decision was taken on January 16. At the same time, the decision has been taken by the Russian Covid-19 Emergency Response Center.

The Russian embassy said flights between Moscow and New Delhi would be operated twice a week. However, it is not yet clear when these services will start. A statement issued by the Russian embassy said that Indian students would also be able to get admission in Russia on student visas. At the same time, those who are allowed to stay in Russia will be able to obtain a visa.

Negotiations are underway to create an air bubble in both countries

The applicant will also have to show the report of Kovid-19 while applying for the visa. Apart from this, e-visas are currently suspended. Negotiations are also underway between India and Russia to create an air bubble. Flights will be allowed to operate after approval from both parties.

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