Revolution in agriculture / Potatoes will now grow in the air with this method, production will increase 10 times

Growing any crop, vegetable or plant requires soil or even soil. What if you were told that potatoes would grow in the air? You may be surprised to hear but this is a fact. Now with the help of new technology, potatoes can be grown even in the air without soil and soil. This has been made possible by the Potato Technology Center located in Karnal district of Haryana. It has also been reported that this method can produce 10 times more potatoes.


More production at lower cost by aeroponic method

Farmers can now grow potatoes only in the air without soil and soil. The name of this technology is Aeroponic. With the help of which more production can be obtained at lower cost. Farmers can leave traditional farming and make more profit with this new technology. Experts said the potato center has a MoU with the International Potato Center. The Indian government has since approved the aeroponic project.

Protection is also obtained from soil diseases

Dr. Munish Single Senior Consultant said that aeroponic is an important method, the name of which makes it clear that it means growing potatoes in the air. He said that in this method the nutrients that potatoes need are given through hanging roots instead of soil. What is special is that potatoes will also survive diseases caused by living in the soil.

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