RESEARCH: Excessive noise damages DNA / invites serious diseases like cancer and high BP

Loud Noises are very damaging to the ears. Researchers say that living in the midst of more noise is not good for health. A new study has found that exposure to too much noise can lead to diseases such as high blood pressure and cancer. Excessive noise from any source has a far-reaching effect on health. German researchers exposed rats to more noises, such as airplanes. He noticed that exposure to too much noise affected a rat’s health. The rats were exposed to aircraft noise for four days and complained of high blood pressure.

Various studies were performed on mice

Researchers at the University Medical Center of Mainz have published various studies on the effect of noise for the environment on rat health. A study published in the journal found that high levels of noise can cause high blood pressure and damage to DNA, which is linked to the development of cancer. Blood pressure in mice and animals had already risen due to the noise of the plane for just four days and the excessive noise now caused further stress and heart swelling causing further damage.

Increased risk of cancer

According to a report, having high blood pressure can lead to heart disease, excessive swelling of the arterial wall, weakness in the kidneys and the presence of constricted blood cells, an effect on the blood cells of the eyes, a disorder associated with metabolism, and memory-related complications. Environmental causes also increase the risk for the development of cancer.

The discovery was made at a major health conference in the United States but was canceled due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Chief researcher Matthias Olej said, ‘Large studies have linked noise risk to health problems in people. Our new data provides insights into the adverse effects of these health effects, particularly high blood pressure and potential cancer development, which are the two leading causes of global death.

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