RESEARCH: Biodegradable bandage will help repair broken bones, it dissolves in the body after repairing the damage

British scientists have developed a special type of bandage, which can reattach broken bones. It works like a plaster in a way. Following the success of this experiment on rats, preparations are now underway for its trial on humans. It was developed by scientists at King’s College London.

This is how a bandage works

1.A scientist from King’s College London, Dr. According to Shukri Habib, this bandage is flexible. It is only 3 times thicker than hair. For treatment, a small incision is made where a fracture occurs and a bandage is applied.

2.Dr. According to Habib, the bandage contains stem cells and bone cells, which work to connect the fractured part naturally.
3.It is a biodegradable bandage that is slowly absorbed into the body after bone attachment and has no side effects.

4.The rats were bandaged for 8 weeks and then X-rayed. According to the report, damaged bones appeared to be attached to the rat’s head.

5.Scientists claim that this bandage will speed up recovery even in severe damage, especially in elderly patients.

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