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Let’s talk Gomorrah season 5 and consider what we know about the series’ renewal status so far. Fans can’t wait to see it return.

What was the best show to emerge from the 2010s?

Over the last decade, majority audiences argued that we were living in the golden age of television. Upon reflection, it becomes even harder to disagree with such a statement, no matter how bold.

Screens were graced with the likes of Game of Thrones, Fleabag, Stranger Things, Mr. Robot, Mindhunter, BoJack Horseman and so many more popular shows.

However, we’d wager that plenty of viewers would argue that the best show to surface in the 2010s was Gomorrah.

Created by Roberto Saviano, this Italian crime-drama series began airing back in 2014 and is based on Roberto’s 2006 book of the same name.

Some will already have been familiar with the story, as the 2008 film of the same name – directed by Matteo Garrone – was also based on Roberto’s book.

The film received critical and audience acclaim but the series is arguably treasured far more by fans.

What does the future hold for it?

still from “Gomorrah”, Cattleya et al., IMDb

Gomorrah season 5: Renewal status

  • Gomorrah has officially been renewed for season 5. However, it’s also worth acknowledging that this will be the last.

On Wednesday, September 23rd 2020, Salvatore Espositio tweeted [see below]: “#Gomorra5 will be the last season and your messages, from all over the world, of affection mixed with sadness for this news moves us a lot. It has been a long journey and as always we will try to do our best.”

As highlighted by the Express, Riccardo Tozzi – president of the show’s producer Cattleya – expressed in an interview with Deadline: “There will be a lot to prepare. I think it will be great, each time we’ve tried to do something different.”

He added: “”We’ve found another special angle for season five. It’s crepuscular, dark and emotional.”

A release date for the fifth and final season of Gomorrah is yet to be confirmed and the previous source suggests that the COVID-19 pandemic may impact its release.

In the meantime, there is something fans need to do to ensure they have a better understanding of the series’ final leg.

The Express notes that the spin-off – titled The Immortal – is basically essential viewing, as it connects the events of seasons 4 and 5 while showcasing a reveal which impacts the show’s course.

Gomorrah final season: The fans will miss it!

In the wake of news that the fifth season will be the last, a number of fans have flocked to Twitter to express how much they’ll miss it.

Some have gone on to argue that it’s the best show on TV!

Check out a selection of tweets:

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