Reliance Retail tweaks, deal with Future Group to be postponed, find out what’s the whole case

AmazonTo his own partner Future Group Opposite Sunday has received interim relief. A Singapore-based arbitration court has ordered Future Group to sell its retail business to Future Group for Rs 24,713 crore in an interim order. .

The deal cannot be struck until the verdict is heard

Reliance Industries, the sole arbitrator in the case against Amazon, has ruled in favor of Amazon. He has asked Future Group to suspend the deal immediately.

An Amazon spokesman confirmed the ruling

An Amazon spokesman also confirmed the arbitration court’s ruling, saying the arbitration court had granted the relief sought by the company, adding that it hoped the arbitration process would be completed soon. We are grateful for this judgment, it is a relief to us, and we are committed to the immediate redressal of the arbitration process.

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