RBI’s announcement / now digital payment, banking and finance companies will find it easier to complain


To strengthen digital payment services, the RBI has come up with a 24-hour helpline number. The RBI said it would bring a centralized helpline across the country by September 2021. So that the customer is different Digital Payment can take product information and file a complaint. Under the One Nation, One Ombudsman scheme, customers who make digital payments on this helpline will be able to get answers to their questions. If there is a complaint related to digital payment, banking and finance companies, it can be registered on this one number. The RBI made the disclosure during its monetary policy announcement on Friday.


One Nation, One Ombudsman

According to the RBI, banking, Nonbanking There are plans to create three separate dedicated ombudsmen in finance company and digital transactions. Now the three will be brought together and the One Nation, One Ombudsman system will be implemented. The earlier plan was to make a single system available for customer complaints. Under this, RBI can take integrated scheme till June 2021. This will provide a separate, not single, system for customer complaints.

Steps to strengthen digital payment services

According to the RBI, products offered by operators and participants of different authorized payment systems perform a wide range of activities. Often these activities are outsourced with the desire to increase skills and reduce costs. However, for many outsourced service providers, the risk to the system increases. This increases the risk of cyber security. In view of this risk, the RBI has issued guidelines. The RBI’s move is seen as part of earlier steps to strengthen digital payment services.


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