Rajnath Singh’s statement raises panic in China, writes in government newspaper – Tensions will rise in winter

New Delhi: Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has issued a statement in the Lok Sabha on the ongoing border dispute with China. He said India would not compromise on its sovereignty and integrity and the Indian Army was fully prepared for any situation.

At the same time, now the Chinese media has reacted to Rajnath’s statement. China’s state-run newspaper Global Times said the Indian defense minister’s statement was provocative and could increase tensions on the border during the winter season.

“The tension on the Ladakh border is not expected to end soon,” the Global Times quoted the expert as saying. The Indian Defense Minister wants to assure the citizens that his army and government are fully prepared with his statements. But the truth is the opposite, the state of tension on the border is caused by India.

The newspaper writes that with the onset of winter, the Indian Army is under more pressure as its defense spending increases and it is not in a state of war due to the catastrophic economic downturn. Indian leaders know that GDP is declining and they cannot go to war with China because of rising unemployment.

The Global Times says that just as the Indian Army is engaged in minor skirmishes on the Pakistani border, so too could the situation on the China border. In such a situation, the Chinese army should be ready. The newspaper said that India’s defense minister has blamed China for border tensions.

The newspaper said that India feels that if its troops stay on the Chinese border for a long time, the war could move towards peace. This is the reason why such statements are being made by India.

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