President Biden reverses Trump’s decision, Indians will benefit greatly, find out what’s up

President of the United StatesIf Biden is making decisions after taking office. He has also given a new gift to the Indians. This gift is for Indian couples. In fact, President Biden has allowed Indian couples with H-1B visas to work in the United States. This decision is special because with the signing of this order, he has reversed the order given by former President Donald Trump. Trump called his decision a “big decision” in the best interests of the United States. In his opinion, he wanted to hand over the job of the country to the Americans. So, he made this decision. He also said that this is possible only when foreigners are prevented from doing so.

You should also mention here that former President Barack Obama decided to allow H-1B visa holders to work in the United States. It was uttered by President Trump, not in America’s interest. Now, once again, the old system has been implemented, reversing Trump’s order. Let me also tell you that Biden was in the role of Vice President in the Barack Obama administration. You also need to mention here that H-1B visas are issued only to the spouse of the holder. Indian women are at the forefront of achieving this. Issued to family members of H-4 visa and H-1B visa holders. Most of the visa recipients are Indian IT professionals.

President Biden has made one more big decision with him. In this decision he has decided to re-implement the Obama Care plan. It was also started by former President Barack Obama, whom Trump stopped during his tenure and called it unnecessary and harmful. Following the implementation of this decision, Americans will once again receive health insurance cover. Let me tell you that about 25 million people benefited from this decision taken during the Obama administration. Private health insurance was provided on subsidy basis under this scheme.

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