Pradip Liman as Bhor taluka president and Saurabh Khutwad as working president of Krishi Padvidhar Yuvashakti Sanghatana

Bhor (Rep.) – Pradip Prakash Liman as the Bhor taluka president of the Agriculture Graduates Youth Association and Saurabh Khutwad as the working president today by the order of the founding president of the association Jaideep Dada Nanavare as well as the working president Pravin Bhaiya Ajbe, organizer Shrikantji Rajput, West Maharashtra state president Siddharthji Kank The selection was made under the guidance of Patil and Pune Deputy District President Kunal Chavan.
This appointment was made to solve the problems of the agricultural graduates as well as the farmers through the organization in Bhor taluka.
President Pradip Liman is the Hon’ble President of Bhor Advocates Association and Adv. Prakash M. Liman has sons.

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