Pleasures / Vi brought this special feature for his client, can take home doctor’s advice

Chat and own customers Video To deliver medical consultation by Vodafone Idea today partnered with AI powered healthcare platform MFINE. Vi’s customers will be able to communicate with more than 4000 doctors from more than 600 hospitals for free through the Vi app at no charge. The company has started this facility keeping in view the present times. This is because in the Corona era, it has become difficult for people to go out and seek advice from doctors.

Through the Vi app, the customer will be able to connect to 4000 doctors across the country without any charge. He will also be able to upload photos, prescriptions, etc. of his previous medical reports. So that the doctor can analyze it and then advise them through video call or chat.

This work has to be done to connect with the doctor

– If the customer wants to connect with the doctor, he can unlock a better tomorrow with

– Go to Vi section. In which MFine card will appear with the option of view details.

-After clicking on which the claim your benefit option will appear along with the description. After clicking on which the Proceed button will appear.

-After clicking on Proceed, it will take you to the MFine app or ask you to install it.

-After installing the MFine app you have to register with your Vi number.

– After which you have to select the disease and the doctor and later you can consult.

Let me tell you, with Tenmi, Vi’s customers can also take a one-month membership of MFine Care using the code contained in the Vi app. This allows the customer to get a 20 per cent discount on the health checkup package with a 50 per cent discount on all consultations.


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