Philippine president threatens US – cancels military deal if Corona is not vaccinated

MANILA: Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, known for his derogatory remarks, has now returned to the U.S. Has threatened to cancel the military agreement if the corona virus is not vaccinated. On Saturday, Duarte said that if the United States did not provide a vaccine to fight the new Corona virus, they would go ahead with plans to rescind the Visiting Forces Agreement.

President Duterte said the U.S. The military agreement with India is on the verge of being revoked and if they do not allow it, the U.S. The army will have to leave their country. Earlier this year, Duarte visited the U.S. Ordered the cancellation of the military contract with but was later suspended for 6 months. Under the deal, US troops could conduct military exercises on the territory of the Philippines.

“If Americans fail to get at least 20 million vaccines, it’s better for them to give up,” Duarte said. If there is no vaccine, don’t stop here. “If the United States wants to give the Philippines the corona vaccine, it should not worry, but provide the vaccine,” he said. The president said the United States was on a war footing to provide its people with a vaccine for the corona virus.

President Duarte is famous for his awkward statements

The president told the national vaccination in-charge not to worry about money to buy the vaccine. He said buy whatever is available, because it is an emergency. He has served in Britain and the U.S. Also ordered permission for an already approved corona virus vaccine. Let us know that President Duarte has been famous for his bizarre statements.

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