People are working in Russia, even between temperatures – from 17 to – 24 degrees Celsius

Of Russia The 540-meter-high Ostanki TV tower in Moscow was covered in snow. Due to which public life here has also been greatly affected. At the same time, it is freezing cold here. The situation is being seen in Moscow with snow blowing.

Reached minus 17 degrees

Here Drastic The temperature dropped to minus 17 degrees due to the cold. The mercury dropped to minus 24 degrees in Moscow this week. This condition is caused by low clouds, moisture and frost particles. Due to the cold, ice particles freeze on the metal and form a layer of ice. However, this layer of snow did not affect the functioning of the inside of the TV tower. Here the daily process was going on as before. After the low clouds were removed from the sky, the sun’s heat again showed the previous condition.


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