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Honour arrived on ITV on September 28th and the character of PC Lorna Wilson has certainly made a big impression with viewers.

Thanks to the delays caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve been starved of new drama series on ITV.

Thankfully, that’s all changed in September as new series finally returned to ITV with the likes of Des, The Singapore Grip and most recently, Honour.

Honour, which arrived on September 28th, tells the harrowing story of Banaz Mahmod’s murder at the hands of her own family.

The drama also explores the failings of police to identify the threat that Banaz faced, this comes especially in the form of PC Lorna Wilson who viewers have certainly come to loathe.

Honour on ITV

Honour arrived on ITV on September 28th, 2020.

The two-part drama, shown over two nights, tells the story of Banaz Mahmod’s murder at the hands of her own family.

The story centres on DCI Caroline Goode, played by Ashes to Ashes star Keeley Hawes, as she looks to get to the bottom of Banaz Mahmod’s disappearance and murder.


PC Lorna Wilson in Honour

PC Lorna Wilson, who is played by Angela Bull, is introduced in Honour’s opening episode and appears again in episode 2 during the trial.

The police officer was called out to a café on New Year’s Eve in 2005 after Banaz, who had been plied with alcohol by her father, had escaped from her grandmother’s house by smashing a window, fearing that he was preparing to kill her.

Instead of helping Banaz, the police officer who reported to the scene actually wanted to charge her with criminal damage for the broken window and in the opening episode of Honour, says that “if it happened again today, I wouldn’t do a thing different.”

It is unclear if Lorna Wilson is the name of the actual police officer who was called out or if the character’s name has been changed for the drama. As such, it’s not known where the officer in question is today.

However, what is certain is that a police officer did indeed want to charge Banaz for criminal damage and that Honour’s PC Lorna Wilson has certainly made a huge impression on viewers.


Viewers react to PC Lorna Wilson

It’s safe to say that Angela Bull’s portrayal of PC Lorna Wilson in Honour has made a huge impact on viewers with many taking to social media to express their thoughts.

One fan even tweeted to Angela Bull about having to play such a character.

Honour concluded on ITV on September 29th, 2020 while the two-episode series is available to stream now on ITV Hub.

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