Pakistan: 5 members of a Hindu family strangled to death, atrocities against Hindus on the rise

New Delhi: Once again, a sensational case of mass murder of Hindus has come to light in Pakistan. Unidentified assailants slit the throats of five members of a Hindu family with a sharp weapon in the Multan district incident, which has sparked fears among minority Hindus and Sikhs in Pakistan. The Hindu family lived in Abu Dhabi Colony, 15 km from Rahim Yar Khan city near Multan. Police recovered several more weapons, including a knife and an ax, from the scene. The killers have not yet been identified.

Meghwal was a Hindu family

According to Birbaldas, Rahim Yar Khan’s social worker, the head of the family, Ramchand, was 35-36 years old and had been running his tailor’s shop for a long time. Ramchand and his family were living a very peaceful and happy life. In such a situation, this incident is absolutely shocking for everyone.

Incidents of atrocities against Hindus are on the rise

Incidents of atrocities against the Hindu and Sikh minorities in Pakistan are on the rise. About 6 months ago, a Hindu doctor was brutally stabbed to death by strangers in Karachi. The doctor’s name was Lalchand Bagri, who was practicing in Tando Alihar in Sindh province. In Pakistan itself, persecution of minority Hindus and Sikhs has continued since 1947. It is common for Hindu-Sikh people to kidnap underage girls and force them to convert to Islam and then marry Muslim youth. Hindu-Sikhs have been raising their voices on the issue for a long time, but to date no concrete action has been taken on their complaint.

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