Opportunity / Start this business at only Rs 1.80 lakh, there will be big earnings, the government will also help

If you are thinking of doing business Trout Can think on fish farming. because, Corona Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals. Apart from that, it also remains in demand as there are some benefits of eating mathli. The peculiarity of this trade is that NABARD also gives 20 per cent subsidy to start it. According to NABARD, trout farming can be started for just Rs 2.3 lakh.

Immeasurable potential in fish farming

The country has immense potential in fish farming. And it can quadruple the income of farmers. The government had drafted two bills to promote the fisheries sector. These bills include the National Marine Fisheries Regulation and Management Bill. The country’s 11 lakh hectares of backwater has a lot of potential for fisheries. Shrimp will now be cultivated in states where there is brackish water within the country. There are plans to fish in 19509 km long rivers. The country has more than 2.5 million hectares of land with pudders, lakes and reservoirs. Out of this, production is only three tonnes per hectare, which is expected to increase.

Learn what is tout farming

Trout is a type of fish, according to a NABARD report. Which is found in pure water. This fish is found in large numbers in some states of India. These include Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Uttarakhand, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Infrastructure for trout production is also available in these states. Incentive programs are also run by the state governments to promote trout farming.

How much will it cost?

According to the NABARD report, the construction of a 15X2X1.5 meter raceway will cost around Rs 1 lakh. However, the equipment will cost around Rs 6,000. These include hand net, bucket, tub, thermocol. However, Rs 22,500 will be spent on seeds and Rs 1.45 lakh on feed. If you have taken a loan, the interest for the first year will be Rs 26,700. Thus, a total investment of Rs 3 lakh will have to be made in the first year. On which you will get a subsidy of 20% i.e. about 60 thousand rupees. If you fall into the sc or st category you will get 25 per cent subsidy.

How to earn

The report says that in the first year, your sales will be around Rs 3.23 lakh, but from next year, your capital cost will go down. And your sales will be Rs 3.50 lakh.


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