One lakh corona / bank employees came in corona rush, so many employees died


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Corona has so far hired more than one lakh employees of the country’s banks. Although more than 99,000 bank employees have recovered after treatment, the information was given to a news agency by S. Nagaranjan, secretary of the All India Bank Officers’ Association.

One lakh bank workers in the country have been victims of corona so far

He claimed that more than a thousand employees have died since last year. According to Nagaranjan, bank employees are also front line workers in the country. Corona is making them a quick prey too. There are about 1.5 million bank employees in the country. Nagaranjan said that. According to the information received, one lakh bank workers in the country have been victims of Corona so far. While a thousand employees have lost their lives. The number of infected people is increasing every day.


15 thousand bank employees infected with corona in Gujarat

On the other hand, All India Bank Employees Assoc. CH General Secretary C.H. Venkatachalam said that 15,000 bank employees in Gujarat are infected with Korona. So far 30 bank workers have died in the state. While in Madhya Pradesh, 46 employees have died. Many bank branches have been temporarily closed following the death of Corona.

Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra have the largest number of bank branches. Most of Corona’s bank employees have been infected here. Venkatachalam said not all banks are coming up with a policy to compensate the families of employees who have died due to corona.

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