OH! A liter of blood of this creature is sold for millions of rupees …

Everyone’s blood is red, be it man or animal, but today we are going to tell you about a creature whose blood is not red but blue, which is why its blood is worth millions. The question of how blood can be blue needs to be asked, but in fact the blood color of horseshoe crabs found in the oceans of North America is blue, which is why its blood is no less than an elixir for medical science. you can. The scientific name of this particular crab is Limulus Polyphemu. It is said that this species of crab can live up to 450 million years. The blood of these crabs contains anti-bacterial element which helps in getting accurate information about many medicines. To remove the blood from the crabs, they are taken to a lab and a syringe is inserted into the mouth. In the process many crabs die and the survivors are left back in the ocean. Because of the blue color, a liter of blood costs around Rs 10 lakh.

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