Now easily generate your SBI ATM card PIN at home, know the whole process

After opening our own account in any bank, we use debit card for easy transaction. To create a PIN for your new debit card ATM Or no need to go to the branch. But the State Bank of India (SBI) Is giving its customers such facility that they can immediately generate their debit card PIN without going to the branch. This pin is called the green pin. This is the easiest way to generate a debit card PIN. It can be created through IVR, Internet Banking. Let us know how to make it.

Generate this way through internet banking

For this you have to go to first. There you log in and enter the user ID and your password. After this, select ‘ATM Card Services’ under the ‘E-Services’ tab from the options shown. After this, select ATM PIN Generation. You can generate your ATM PIN through two options. This includes using an OTP or profile password. If you proceed with the option of OTP, OTP will come to your registered mobile number.

You will then need to create a savings account with which your debit card is linked. Then select the ATM card for which the PIN is to be generated. Then click Submit. You enter the first two digits of the new PIN you want to create. The remaining two digits will be sent to you via SMS. After this, enter the two digits received by the message on the mobile number simultaneously and click on submit. This way your PIN will be generated through internet banking.

How to set a PIN via IVR system

To generate SBI Debit Card Green PIN through IVR system, you have to call toll free number 1800 112 211 or 1800 425 3800 from your registered mobile number. Before making a call, keep your ATM card and account number with you so that if necessary, enter all the information immediately. After the call, press 2 for ATM / debit card related services. After this, press one for pin generation. If you want to talk to a customer agent, press two. Otherwise press 1 for IVR.


IVR will then ask you to enter the last five numbers of your ATM card. After this, enter the last five digits of your account number. If you have entered all the information correctly, you will have to state your date of birth in the next step. After this, your green PIN will be generated and found in the message on your mobile number. You must visit any nearby ATM within 24 hours to change the PIN.


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