Now 15 years old vehicles will not be removed from the road, the government can bring this change in the rules

If your Cart Old If it is done and it is going to be 15 years, you will not be scared, because it will not be considered a condom. This means that your vehicle will be allowed to run on the road even when it is 15 years old. The government can bring a new rule for it. Which is called vehicle scrap policy. Under which you will complete the provision of removal of old vehicles. Then under this rule you can sell your car and buy a new one. You will also find many types of discounts. A proposal is still being prepared in the cabinet.

It is necessary to get the fitness certificate of the vehicle every year

According to a report, Union Minister of State General VK Singh has said that the vehicle scrapping scheme will boost the country’s economy. At the same time, the auto industry will get a boost. Because people will buy new vehicles instead of old ones. Which will increase sales. At the same time air pollution will be reduced, the new policy will cover about 28 million vehicles. So if people want to keep an old car running, it will be necessary to get a fitness certificate of the car every year. It provides information on the condition of the vehicle. If this is not done it will be considered a condom. Apart from that if the vehicle owner fails to get the fitness certificate three times then the vehicle will have to be scrapped.

More money will have to be paid for the registration of old vehicles

Under the new policy you will now have to loosen more pockets for the purchase of old vehicles and their registration. Because, his fee has now tripled. The motive behind this is that people do not use old cars too much. If there is a compulsion, he can drive by making a fitness certificate every year. Apart from that, the government is also giving discounts on buying a new car by selling an old one.

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